Hello. My name is Joy Aguilar from Wabasca, Alberta Canada.

I am a mom of two girls and two boys. We came here to Canada since 2011. Raising kids today is tough and expensive!
Me and my husband worked full time and work some part time jobs during weekends but still we are living paycheck to paycheck. We are missing a lot of time with our kids who are growing so fast.

Fortunately, I found a Facebook ad offering a no-cost workshop that shows ordinary people how to be successful in the online world.

What attracted me most is that there is No selling involved! The system is already 90% done for you. Believe me, I don't have skills in selling.

I know that this will be a perfect fit for me. I'm not that techie but I love posting on Facebook. It is easy to do because the system is almost done for you. If ever that I need some info I can go back to my training or I simply asked the community of successful and positive business owners for guidance or questions. We have also coaches and mentors that are ready to help you in any way.. Everyday the group celebrated any milestones and success of each member big or small. We are not only a community but a family. And for me that is a big deal.

As of today I only have my part time job and decided to devote the rest of my time to this business and of course to my family.
From now on, I have more time and freedom. I choose to live the life to the fullest. I choose happiness. I choose Joy.

Thank you for your time and interest. Take action now. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Joy Aguilar
By Enrolling With Us You Will Learn
  • How to start your own online business, & gain the freedom of being your own boss
  • How to get started today, with no prior experience, & start making commissions quickly
  • How ANYONE can "plug-in" & get paid using our 90% automated system
  • How to find a product that people want to buy
  • What a sales funnel is, & how to create one that converts
  • What high quality traffic is - & where to find it
  • How to build a targeted email list... & MUCH MORE!

Joy Joaquino-Aguilar